Beauty 101: Full modernization beauty treatment for your Notes client apps


Ytria is very excited about our Birds of a Feather (BoF) session being accepted at Connect 2014, especially since it’s all about development this time – back to our roots! Here’s a summary of the BoF that Ben Menesi will be leading:

Beauty 101: Full modernization beauty treatment for your Notes client apps

While modernizing and web-enabling IBM Notes apps is currently all the rage, in reality it takes time and usually involves retaining a significant amount of client-side applications on servers that are still actively used by end-users. Let’s face it, these applications could probably use some esthetic fine-tuning. With user experience becoming an increasingly important aspect of satisfaction with the platform, ensuring the modernization of these applications has never been more crucial despite the daunting task of updating hundreds of views, action bars, etc. In this session, we will discuss best practices of using native and third party tools that help your Notes client applications look and feel gorgeous without breaking a sweat.

Oh, and let’s not forget to mention (what can we say, we’re really proud!) that Ben has recently been recognized for his hard work, and was inducted into this year’s IBM Champion Hall of Fame.

We’ve also got great news for admins attending Connect 2014. Ben and Kim Greene have joined forces again, and will be presenting a session in the Best Practices track:

Ready, Aim, Fire: Mastering the Latest in the Administrator’s Arsenal

Being armed with the newest set of weapons is crucial for not being left behind when it comes to efficiently administering your servers. The number of new features added to recent IBM releases is staggering, yet workload time constraints cause us to stick to our old ways of doing things despite the opportunity to increase our effectiveness and thereby efficiency. In this in-depth, problem/solution formatted session we’ll discuss some of the latest and greatest features for administering IBM Domino, IBM iNotes and IBM Traveler through customer examples and real world scenarios. We’ll share best practices that allowed us to successfully solve architecture challenges in critical areas such as security, mail routing, replication, web/mobile capabilities and more.

Hope to see you at both sessions in large numbers!