I am extremely excited to be speaking at IBM ConnectED again!


As a software company specializing in IBM Domino solutions for over 10 years, we have accumulated a solid knowledge base of IBM Notes and Domino. The evolution of our tools is based on this knowledge and on our willingness to delve deeper into lesser known and obscure subjects.

With the recent addition of consoleEZ to our product portfolio, we’ve had our fair share of digging into various IBM Domino logging mechanisms such as log.nsf, domlog.nsf and Recorded User Activity & Volume data, and I look forward to sharing these secrets with you.

Once you understand the inner workings of IBM Domino logging, you will understand Domino. Join me as we answer questions like how and what is or isn’t logged, how to search logs effectively and more.

Here’s the abstract for my presentation (Best Practices track):

BP110: Mastering Your Logs: Everything You Should Know About Logging in IBM Domino

Properly logging and monitoring what happens in your Domino environment is critically important for both security and performance. In order to get the most out of your log data when things go wrong, it’s vital to understand its structure, how and what is (or isn’t) logged, and how to search logs effectively. In this in-depth session we will talk about the inner workings of various Domino logging mechanisms by dissecting the structure of log event documents such as Miscellaneous, Replication, Usage Session, User Activity etc. You’ll learn how to deal with verbose logging, retention best practices, monitoring bottlenecks, as well as behind-the-scenes data such as status codes and how to best use them. After this presentation you will walk away with a solid understanding of your log architecture, the means to set up notifications for when things go wrong and faster ways to find what you’re looking for.

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See you in Orlando!

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