EZ Suite 12 published! See what XML Automation can (literally) do for you


The newly-published software release EZ Suite 12 is now available for download!

Every major release requires our development team to work long and hard to bring you the next generation of EZ Suite tools. This one is no exception as it is brimming with new features and improvements*, some of which were requested by YOU, our users.

*Most new features and enhancements are only available in the full version software.

What makes EZ Suite 12 revolutionary?

The quick answer is the new feature XML Automation , which will change the way you use Ytria tools by enabling you to create your own macros. These macros should define a certain chain of actions to be performed, as well as where they need to be performed. All you need is an XML file that provides all the necessary information such as which tool is to be used, what servers or databases to process and the exact actions to be performed.

You can automate almost any series of actions in a Ytria tool!

To get you started, we’ve compiled scripts for the following tasks:

  • Access and export the notes.ini file from 3 servers in scanEZ
  • Load all ACL flags and roles from 3 servers to a HTML file in aclEZ
  • Generate a jpg of the Agent Time Line for one Server in agentEZ
  • Secure script use to one user and display duplicate Replica IDs for Local Databases of one specific Server.
  • Export an Excel file of very large databases for one specific server in databaseEZ
  • Export database quota warnings for one specific Server in HTML in databaseEZExport database quota warnings for one specific Server in HTML in databaseEZ

Click here to learn more about automation, and check out the sample XML scripts.

But wait, there’s more!

We gave you a peek at some of the new features we added last month:

  • Search & replace items’ values throughout documents
  • Export grid contents to several native Excel file formats
  • Encrypt and decrypt multiple documents
  • Search & replace in ACL entries
  • See the encryption status of every database
  • Show User Activity across databases and set recording of User Activity on/off
  • Track documents and designs among replicas
  • Display the Index Size of views or folders, and purge selected indexes
  • And a lot more!

Click here for descriptions and screenshots of these and other features.

Unfortunately, the webcast “What’s New in EZ Suite 12?” held on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 is over. The good news is that you can download the recording from this webpage, which also displays a time-stamped outline of the presentation.