Ytria, Notes, and next-level power napping at MWLUG 2015


Yes folks (fellow professionals/aspirants/inhabitants of the ICS realm), it’s that time of year again! It’s time for the 2015 edition of the Midwest Lotus User Group Conference (MWLUG)! And all of us here at Ytria are excited to announce that we will not only (once again) be there with bells on, but also that we find ourselves among the proud Gold sponsors this year.

Created in 2009 by Richard Moy, MWLUG brings together innovation-minded IBM collaborative platform users and professionals in the spirit of pushing tech boundaries and promoting teamwork. Held in a different city each year, the nomadic gathering allows each host city to shine the spotlight on its own technological contributions and civic charms.

This year is no different, as the event touches down in the alpha-city of Atlanta, Georgia on August 19 — 21. Boasting a skyline that sees testaments to the pinnacle of Man’s physical creations nestled into topography of rolling hills and dense flora, this “city in a forest” is a cultural hot bed for the Southeast US – at one point, the 7th most visited city in America according to Forbes magazine (Murray 2010). It’s also the longstanding home to a relatively successful company called “The Coca-Cola Company.” Maybe you’ve heard of them… but we’ll come back to that later.

Did you know? Atlanta is one of very few cities in the US to have permanently established professional resident companies for all major performing arts disciplines. (Wikipedia 2015)

This year finds our own head of product, IBM Champion Ben Menesi, joining a top-notch roster of speakers from all over the world. With nearly 50 expert discussions covering a wide array of topics including social collaboration best practices, application development, system administration, etc., there is sure to be something for everyone. Ben’s 2 sessions entitled “Hands on with Ytria’s administration tools: understanding your logs, consoles, replication, etc.” and “Mastering Your Logs, Everything You Should Know about Logging in IBM Domino,” are sure to shed new light on aspects of your IBM Notes and Domino administration. Moreover, with a nod to the application of Ytria tools in the daily tasks of the modern Notes and Domino administrator, he will explore the vast real-world benefits that our solutions offer.

More than just a cascade of talks, MWLUG also places you right in prime networking opportunities with other IBM professionals. Whether it be through the perusal of company booths (come by and see us!) to beef up your knowledge about the variety of solutions available, or through one of the conference’s fun social events, being in contact with like-minded pros is always a good thing. Speaking of social events, to kick off the conference, the organizers have secured a tour of the Coca-Cola museum on the morning of Wednesday August 19th as good way to get things started on a fun, friendly (and bubbly) note.

What are YOU doing next week? If you’re in the Atlanta area, come on by and say “Hello!” We’ll be there to answer your questions, give demos, chat about the weather, or even discuss your favorite type of beer. Lunch is free (whoever said there was no such thing has obviously never been to MWLUG) and the information is priceless. And if you do come and see us, you’ll have the chance to register to win one of the hottest sleep accessories for busy professionals: the Ostrich Pillow. Next-level napping could be yours to enjoy anywhere, anytime.

Note: Ytria does not necessarily endorse sleeping at work, but studies have shown that our tools do leave devs and admins with a lot more time to think about such things.

Hope to see you there!