Upcoming events, and our take on the teamwork and reciprocity that define the Notes community


If you’re a regular TechLab reader, you’ll know that I don’t make these types of posts too often. But as I look forward to the busy months ahead of me, I thought I would take a minute to reflect on why I do what I do.

I am no stranger to travel. To be able to break out of a daily routine and get on the road (or in the air as it may be) is something that I’ve always enjoyed. But without the peer relationships that I’ve built with my fellow Notes pros over these distances, the (sometimes very) long hours just wouldn’t add up. My peers, my friends, I learn just as much from you as (I hope) you learn from me.

There is great pride in representing a company such as Ytria, whose commitment to advancing tools for Notes professionals and tireless involvement in the Notes community brings so much to the table. Through sponsorship of numerous Notes and Domino events worldwide, Ytria definitely does what they can to keep both the platform and community thriving (and my feet moving).

After a great AdminCamp event in late September, and the nourishing exchanges I had with fellow pros at SNOUG (where I spoke about Domino logging tactics), it was exciting to see Prague become a hotbed of Notes/Domino activity for two days this past week—a half-day Ytria workshop on Nov 10, followed by presentations at the SUTOL technical conference the very next day. The calendar rolls on through December…

So, what’s next? In late November, I am off to the US for two very special events. Beginning in Washington DC, I will be rolling out three presentations on various topics ranging from administration techniques, to replication tips, to examples detailing the benefits of Ytria’s EZ Suite tools. And after that, I am off to Chicago to speak at the FALL 2015 edition of GRANITE LUG, the Chicagoland Social Software User Group meeting. Both organizations are a great group of folks that I am proud to call my peers. Incidentally, Ytria is furnishing breakfast and lunch at the Chicago event, so you won’t have to worry about going hungry that day! 🙂
If you’re a Notes/Domino admin or dev (or in any way connected to the Notes/Domino platform, really) come check out these very special events. There is always something new to learn and different angles to explore. Here’s to keeping these exchanges of knowledge and overall support for the IBM Notes and Domino community alive and well! Hope to see you there!