The wait is over – EZ Suite 20 is finally here!


The wait ends with the release of EZ Suite 20

Ytria’s EZ Suite, already the most extensive toolkit for HCL Notes and Domino, has gone through some radical improvements with this new version. The new EZ Suite 20 is our dev team’s hard work materialized into a revamp of everything you’ve known about our tools, and how they let you work with your data.

Ytria ushers in a new era with EZ Suite 20

This major update is overflowing with new features, major fixes and user-requested functionality.

The centerpiece of every product in the suite – the grid – benefits from the consolidation of 4 years of R&D across all platforms. All the latest features have been included in the new FlexyView grid. Features like immediate access to any property, quick and easy identification of duplicates, rich options for charts and reporting, and the ability to select lists of items using a CSV/Excel file.

Another exciting new feature is the ability to add your own custom comments which can be private or public, and therefore shared with others. This makes it possible to collaborate with team members, turning your grid into a potential workboard. You can also edit, navigate the comment history, and it even supports Javascript for transforming data directly – no need to open documents!

Every effort has been made to make this release more quick and intuitive with better handling of cells containing multiple values, the handy display of summary totals on any grouped categories, the ability to expand groupings ‘up to’ a specified level and more advanced options for statistics.

Add to that extended automation capabilities and tons of goodies that are specific to each tool, and you get EZ Suite 20 – a new era in administration and development of HCL Notes and Domino.

If you’re interested in learning more, visit our web page and check out what’s new in EZ Suite 20.

Or, for a more in-depth look at all the possibilities EZ Suite 20 can bring to your administration or development, find the webinar video > here