“All the meat you need to beef up your Domino security” at MWLUG 2014


MWLUG is a couple of weeks away, and if you’re attending it (and you should!), now is a good time to plan the sessions that you’ll attend to get the most out this yearly event.

Ytria is proud to participate in this year’s MWLUG as a Gold sponsor, and we’ll be there to answer any questions you may have about our products.

Additionally, when he’s not presenting one of 3 scheduled sessions, our Chief Product Officer Ben Menesi will be at our booth. Feel free to chat him up.

One of his presentations focusses on little known details that can help you stay on top of Domino security issues. See the details below.

(MS101) All the meat you need to beef up your Domino security

  • Presented by: Ben Menesi, Chief Product Officer at Ytria
  • Room: Grand View
  • Date & time: Friday August 29, 1:30 pm
  • Abstract: We all know that IBM Domino has established itself as a powerful collaboration platform. It also has a LOT of flexibility and customization capabilities when it comes to securing your data, a business aspect that gains more importance every day. However with great flexibility comes a great amount of potential bottlenecks. As administrators and developers, it’s vital that we understand the low level mechanisms that help us make our servers, applications and documents secure both from the web and the client side. In this in-depth session, we will discuss a large variety of topics like ACL tricks & secrets, server security, encryption options, securing agents, documents, designs and more. We’ll talk about common but little known obstacles and we’ll dissect worst practices to understand what can go wrong. You’ll come away from this high-protein buffet with enough meat in the form of best practices and solutions to help you better understand your current environment setup, spot security risks and prevent data breaches.

Check out Ben’s other sessions:

(SA107) Ready, Aim, Fire: Mastering the Latest in the Administrator’s Arsenal

  • Presented by: Ben Menesi, Chief Product Officer at Ytria & Kim Greene, President at Kim Greene Consulting, Inc.
  • Room: Gerald Ford
  • Date & time: Thursday August 28, 4:30 pm
  • Abstract: Being armed with the newest set of weapons is crucial for not being left behind when it comes to efficiently administering your servers. The number of new features added to recent IBM releases is staggering, yet workload time constraints cause us to stick to our old ways of doing things despite the opportunity to increase our effectiveness and thereby efficiency. In this in-depth, problem / solution formatted session we will discuss some of the latest and greatest features for administering IBM Domino and Traveler through customer examples and real world scenarios. We will share best practices that allowed us to successfully solve architecture challenges in critical areas such as security, mail routing, replication, web / mobile capabilities and more.

(SA101) Cures and remedies for application development and maintenance using Ytria tools

  • Presented by: Ben Menesi, Chief Product Officer at Ytria
  • Room: Gerald Ford
  • Date & time: Friday August 29, 10:15 am
  • Abstract: Developers deal with a large variety of painstaking tasks like building views, agent troubleshooting, and data management. Although IBM Domino offers lots of flexibility in application design, it often lacks the means to overview and resolve on a mass scale. Using scenarios from the field, we’ll discuss better alternatives, including Ytria’s EZ Suite tools, for productive development and application maintenance. We’ll look at examples like the common task of writing one-time-use agents for data manipulation, and find various no-pain solutions. You’ll come away from this presentation with various solutions to problems you encounter daily, and hopefully, you’ll arrive at the conclusion that there are ways of getting things done with minimal headaches and maximal effectiveness.