A Mini-Tutorial to Giphy Blocking in Microsoft Teams

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Allowing the use of Giphys in Teams is risky business these days! First it was the occasional offensive gif that would slip through Giphy’s…

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mail forwarding rules

Best way to find and remove mail forwarding rules in Exchange Online

2 Comments8 Minutes

Part of the Microsoft 365 offboarding process involves securing your work environment from data leaks. One such component involves eliminating…

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How to report on documents ‘shared with guest’ or ‘shared with anonymous’

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Office 365 with SharePoint, Teams and Onedrive is great for sharing information and documents. But this must be managed properly to maintain…

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Edit and report all site classifications in SharePoint Online

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Site classifications can be used to define the sensitivity of the data within your site, and help automate the management of all sites with the same…

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SharePoint site classification made easy

0 Comments2 Minutes

When creating a modern site in Sharepoint, you can select the type of classification you want – including for Groups and Teams. Site classifications…

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All eyes towards a secure environment: Deciphering facets of modern IBM Notes and Domino encryption through Ytria tools.

5 Comments21 Minutes

IBM Domino, the secure platform that it is, provides you with a full range of encryption options to cover data stored on Domino servers or user…

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Workshop & snacks for IBM Notes and Domino administrators & developers – Melbourne VIC, Australia

0 Comments1 Minutes

The good people at Dr Notes have organized a workshop for administrators and developers of IBM Notes and Domino on September 4, 2014. Held at Dr…

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“All the meat you need to beef up your Domino security” at MWLUG 2014

0 Comments5 Minutes

MWLUG is a couple of weeks away, and if you’re attending it (and you should!), now is a good time to plan the sessions that you’ll attend to get the…

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A quick way to uncover (and fill) security holes on Domino servers using aclEZ

0 Comments3 Minutes

One of the nicest things about aclEZ‘s grouping grid interface is that is that it allows you sort and filter live information on all the Lotus Notes…

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