Edit and report all site classifications in SharePoint Online


Site classifications can be used to define the sensitivity of the data within your site, and help automate the management of all sites with the same specific classification.

The solution provided by Microsoft lets you manage this at the Azure AD level by using PowerShell. But there is an easier way to manage all your site classifications at once.

First let’s take a look at how this is done in Sharepoint. A site owner can edit a site’s classification by doing the following:

  • Access the SharePoint site from any
  • Click the Gear icon (at top right of the site)
  • Click Site information

The site information page allows the site owner to select the site classification:

  • Select a site classification from the drop-down menu
  • Click Save once you are done

Conveniently, sapio365 allows you to view all site classifications and bulk edit site classifications. (coming soon)

To view all sites with their classifications:

  • Open sapio365
  • Login with a sapio365
    Admin account
  • Click Show the complete list of

Once the grid is loaded with all your sites/groups you will need to add the Classification column to the grid view, since it is not displayed by default.

  • Click Columns Map.. (under the Manage tab)
  • Double-click the Classification column to add it to the grid view

Once the Classification column is added, you can just drag the column header to the grouping zone ( located just above the column header).

This will create a view showing all items according to their classification.


In this example you can see that we’ve discovered the following:

  • 1 site with Basic classification
  • 1 site with Confidential classification
  • 1 site with Secret classification
  • 128 sites with no classification (unset)

The following article will focus on document sharing. He will explain how to manage the shares while ensuring the security of your data. Click on the link to know more: How to report on documents ‘shared with guest’ or ‘shared with anonymous’