Teams Tip 16: Using tags in Microsoft Teams channels

0 Comments6 Minutes

Microsoft just introduced the use of tags in Teams. However these tags work a little differently and include some advantages over what you might be…

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Teams Tip 15: Sharing a post to Outlook

0 Comments2 Minutes

Microsoft has introduced a new feature in Teams that allows users to easily share a post to Outlook. At first, I didn’t see the use for such a…

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How to get a grip on your Office 365 licenses

0 Comments5 Minutes

Managing licenses in Office 365 is not a simple ‘set-and-forget’ task. It’s very important to maintain control of your Office 365 licenses – to know…

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Sharing your screen in a meeting with Microsoft Teams

11 Comments3 Minutes

Being able to share your screen with your team during online meetings is a must. When hosting a meeting in Microsoft Teams, it’s possible to share…

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Adding attachments in Microsoft Forms

14 Comments4 Minutes

A new feature has been added to Microsoft Forms. You can now add a file attachment control in your template, so users are able to attach their own…

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mail forwarding rules

Best way to find and remove mail forwarding rules in Exchange Online

2 Comments8 Minutes

Part of the Microsoft 365 offboarding process involves securing your work environment from data leaks. One such component involves eliminating…

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Using the chat feature in a meeting with Microsoft Teams

13 Comments2 Minutes

Sharing video or your desktop during meetings in Microsoft Teams is pretty seamless. These days sharing video is considered a ‘must’ in online…

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Teams Tip 14: Synchronizing Microsoft Teams files to your PC​

3 Comments4 Minutes

You probably know the OneDrive client lets you synchronize your OneDrive files to your desktop. But did you know you can also synchronize your files…

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Teams Tip 13: Read receipts in Teams are finally here!

0 Comments1 Minutes

Read receipts are now available in Teams. We asked and Microsoft listened. Now you can see when your messages have been read and sent, and also…

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Publishing a meeting room in Microsoft Teams

1 Comment4 Minutes

Microsoft Teams is great for holding online meetings. And so we can also use Teams to book a meeting room. However, by default, Microsoft Teams does…

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Joining a meeting in Teams

0 Comments2 Minutes

Whether you’re new to Teams or still in the process of learning how to make it do more for you, you’ll want to take advantage of it for your…

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Teams Tip 12: Creating announcements

0 Comments1 Minutes

Microsoft Teams is a great communication tool. From day one you can easily post messages and @mention users, channels or even your whole team. And…

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Create an FAQ in SharePoint Online

6 Comments5 Minutes

Building an FAQ page using SharePoint modern pages is easier than ever. Out of the box features allow you to create links to headings within your…

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Teams Tip 11: Managing who can post in a channel

0 Comments2 Minutes

In today’s Teams Tip we’re going to explain how to enable a channel’s moderation settings and define who can create new posts. In this series of…

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Capture your meeting notes for Microsoft Teams in a Wiki page

1 Comment4 Minutes

When joining any meeting in Microsoft Teams, you have the option to share your meeting notes in a wiki page. This has different advantages than…

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