Capture your meeting notes for Microsoft Teams in a Wiki page


When joining any meeting in Microsoft Teams, you have the option to share your meeting notes in a wiki page.

This has different advantages than sharing your notes with OneNote, which we covered in a previous article in this series.

Wiki pages are simple yet flexible pages that let you add text with formatting, links, quotes and images.

In this article we continue our series designed to help you understand the options that are available in Teams Meetings, and to share in one central resource all the information you need to use Meetings in Microsoft Teams.

Sharing your meeting notes with Wiki pages in Teams

To capture your meeting notes in a wiki page in Teams, follow these steps:


Create a new meeting in Teams and click Select a Channel to meet in.


Once your meeting is created, it will appear in your calendar.

To add notes in a wiki page, you need to join the meeting from your calendar:

  • Open the meeting invitation
  • Click the Join button

Tip: You can also click the Join Microsoft Teams Meeting link at the bottom.


After you have selected the audio and video settings for your meeting:

  • Click Join now
  • Click on the Ellipsis (…)
  • Click Show meeting notes

Click on the Ellipsis (…) (aka more options)


Click Show meeting notes


A new pane will open on the right side of your Microsoft Teams client.

  • Click the Take notes button

You can now create new pages in the wiki and enter your meeting notes.


One advantage of adding notes to a Teams meeting is the ability to use Rich Text formatting.

To use Rich Text click on the Ellipsis (…)


The following will happen when you add notes from a Teams meeting:

  • A new wiki page will be created
  • A new tab called Meeting Notes is added to your channel, letting you share the notes for each meeting.

So to recap, it’s important to remember that the option to capture meeting notes in wiki pages is only available once you have joined the meeting in Teams.

And once meeting notes have been captured, users will be able to view and edit those notes by clicking on the Meeting Notes tab in the channel for that team.

Where are notes stored – when the meeting includes a Microsoft Teams channel?

When you add a channel to your meeting in Teams, and include meeting notes in a Wiki page,these Wiki pages are stored in the Wiki Data document library of the associated SharePoint site in the form of MHT files.


Where are notes stored – when the meeting does not include a Teams channel?

If you create a private meeting that is not associated to a channel in Teams, your Wiki pages will be stored in your OneDrive under
Files/Microsoft Teams Data/ Wiki and will be shared with the meeting participants.


Unfortunately Wiki pages in Microsoft Teams are not searchable in Teams, SharePoint or Delve as of this writing.☹

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