Previewing Lotus Notes Database Replication with scanEZ

Despite the many advantages that come from the Lotus Notes and Domino secure distributed environment, it’s important to remember that replication remains something of a ‘black box’ process. And no matter how carefully you plan for every conceivable situation, replication-related problems will crop up from time to time.

This is why scanEZ‘s dedicated Replication Auditor tool can be so helpful. It lets you simulate what will happen the next time a database is replicated–working like a sort of ‘replication crystal ball’ that lets you preview all the push-pull activity, access errors and conflicts. This means you can often fix potential replication problems before they come to pass. Here’s how you use the Replication Auditor:

  • Open a database you’d like to look at in scanEZ.
  • Click the Replication Auditor button or go to Tools>Replication Auditor.

3) The Replication Auditor dialog should now be open. Next we’ll need to select a replica database….

3) … choose a cut-off date (this is optional)…

4) … and then click Audit.

5) After performing an audit you’ll see what would happen if you replicated displayed in a grouping grid.