How hiding views from the Lotus Notes client can bring a Domino server to its knees


In Domino Designer, enabling the option to hide views from the Notes client has one very unexpected impact:

It’s not just hiding the views from the Notes client, it’s also hiding them from the Updall/Update tasks–this means that neither the Update nor the Updall task will update the view index.

So the job of indexing the view will instead fall upon the lap of the HTTP task which is 90% less efficient than Updall/Update tasks for this type of work! This can have a major impact on server performance if you have a decent number of views with the “Hide Design Element from Notes 4.6 and later clients” property checked.

It’s enough to make you think twice about using web-only views.


This little checkbox looks innocent enough–but it can wreak havok on view indexing efficiency

Please note that Ytria’s designPropEZ tool provides a very quick and easy way to find any views with the “Hide from Notes client” property set. This feature is available in the free Lite version of the tool.


Hidden views shown in designPropEZ

Hat tip: This “Lotus Notes Secret” was first brought to our attention by Jérôme Deniau of move4ideas.

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