Microsoft Whiteboard app settings

We hope you are enjoying this series aimed at helping you understand and use the Microsoft Whiteboard App.

The first post covered an introduction and how to install the Whiteboard App. The second post explored drawing, adding text, images and notes, and the third post explained how to add grids, lists and templates.

As we continue our focus on whiteboards, this fourth and final article explains Whiteboard App settings. You can also refer to this earlier article, to see how to use the whiteboard in Microsoft Teams.

Settings menu

The settings menu lets you enable specific features and define how the Microsoft Whiteboard will work.

Ink to Shape

Ink to Shape will help straighten a shape that you’ve drawn.



Ink to table

Ink to Table will help you quickly draw a table. It will recognize that it’s a table, so you can add and remove columns and rows with the +/- signs.




The Export feature lets you to capture and print an image (PNG or SVG) of your whiteboard.

Post to Teams

Post to Teams allows you to share a Whiteboard that you created on your desktop app to a Microsoft Teams Channel publication. It will post a link to the whiteboard.

Note: The message does not say much, it only adds the title of the particular whiteboard board with the (link). I would recommend that you edit your message after it’s been posted to make it clear to others what you have just shared.

Format background

The Format Background feature lets you select a background colour and a grid from different designs.

Toolbar location

You will have the option to select where you want the tool bar to be shown from: left, right or bottom.

Clear Canvas

Clear Canvas will erase everything from your canvas.


When you select Help, a browser will open to the Microsoft Whiteboard App help web site where you will find more tips and tricks to better use Microsoft Whiteboard.


As you just saw, the Microsoft Whiteboard App provides you with many more features compared to simply using the Microsoft whiteboard in Teams. Since it’s only available on Windows 10, it would be another great reason to move to Windows 10!

Happy whiteboarding!

This series of articles was developed to help you understand and use the Microsoft Whiteboard app running on your Windows 10 device. Read all the articles in the series.