Microsoft’s Whiteboard App: Draw, Add Notes, Images and Text

The first article in this 4-part series covered an introduction and how to install the Microsoft Whiteboard app. As we continue our focus on whiteboards, this second article will explain how you can draw, add text, images and notes. You can also refer to this earlier post, to see how to use the whiteboard in Microsoft Teams.

Using the Microsoft Whiteboard App

Microsoft’s Whiteboard app is very intuitive. It offers the following options:

  • Switch to inking mode
  • Add text
  • Add note
  • Image Menu
  • Insert Menu
  • Undo
  • Redo

Let’s go over the options to draw, add text, notes and images.

Drawing (a.k.a. Switch to Inking Mode)

Inking mode allows you to write, draw or erase on the whiteboard.
You will find a selection of pens in different colours and sizes, a highlighter, a ruler, as well as a lasso to select and move shapes.

Adding Text

Clicking Add text allows you to type text directly onto the whiteboard.
Once you have typed your text, you can cut, copy, paste, delete and move it.

Simply selecting the desired block of text reveals options to:

  • Edit
  • Like
  • Change color of text
  • Copy
  • Delete

Note: At the time of writing of this article, it is not possible to change the font of the text.

Adding Notes

The Add note feature is like adding post-its to your whiteboard.
When the note block is selected you can:

  • Edit
  • Like
  • Change the background color of the
  • Delete

Adding Images

  • An image library on your desktop
  • Bing
  • Your camera

Once the image is added, you can:

  • Ink grab
  • Like
  • Lock to background
  • Copy
  • Delete
  • Move the image around

Users can resize, move and draw on the image, once the image has been added to the canvas.

This series of articles will help you use the Microsoft Whiteboard app. In part 3 we’ll cover how to add grids, lists and templates.