Teams Tip 2: Auto-translating your conversations


You can use Microsoft Teams to translate your conversations.

Keep in mind that this feature is not enabled by default, so your Microsoft Teams Global Administrator or your Office 365 Global Administrator must enable it.

Once it is enabled however, your users will be able to translate their conversations to the preferred language of their Microsoft Teams client.

So if, for example, your client language is set to French, then you’ll be able to translate most of your conversations from their original text into French.

In this series of quick tips we continue to spotlight a few easy ways to help you get more productive with Teams. Some of these may be new to you, while others may offer a helpful reminder of options you forgot were there.

To get started translating your conversations follow these steps:

option translate

Hover your mouse over a conversation and the ellipsis (…) menu will appear:

  • Click on the Ellipsis (…)
  • Click on Translate
translate icon

If the conversation has been translated, you will see this indicator to the right of the time stamp.

option see original message

And you can always return to the original message by returning to the ellipsis (…) menu:

Click on See original message

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