Teams Tip 17: Disallow the forwarding of your meeting invitation

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Did you know that you can disable the ability of invitees to forward or transfer your meeting invitations to other users? In this series of quick…

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Make external users wait in a lobby before joining Teams meetings

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It’s a good practice to make attendees who are external to your organisation wait in a lobby before they can join your Teams meeting. This prevents…

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Changing your background in Teams meetings

1 Comment3 Minutes

With the self-isolation measures being practiced due to Covid-19, many of us are now working from home. As a result, online meetings have become an…

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What’s New in Teams 2020

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As you might know, Microsoft is making a great effort of adding regular improvements to their products. Here is a list of the new features being…

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Inviting external users to your meeting in Microsoft Teams

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With Microsoft Teams, inviting external users to attend a meeting is a little different from inviting them to be a member of a team (we’ll cover this…

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remote work

Remote Work – 3 Ways to Become an IT Admin Hero

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At the best of times, IT departments are busy keeping up with the demands of department heads and employees. But now, with so many employees rushing…

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Which Departments are Mastering Working from Home? How to Find Out

0 Comments4 Minutes

With most organizations switching their staff to remote work these days, department managers have an increased responsibility to oversee their…

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Top 3 Reasons Your Users Can’t Use Teams (and what you can do)

0 Comments7 Minutes

With more of the workforce working from home, many employees are rushing to find tools that will allow them to become as productive as possible. For…

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Inserting a survey in your videos in Office 365

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Organizations continue to adapt their workforce, enabling their teams to collaborate remotely during this challenging time. And so team leaders need…

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Teams Tip 16: Using tags in Microsoft Teams channels

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Microsoft just introduced the use of tags in Teams. However these tags work a little differently and include some advantages over what you might be…

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Teams Tip 15: Sharing a post to Outlook

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Microsoft has introduced a new feature in Teams that allows users to easily share a post to Outlook. At first, I didn’t see the use for such a…

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How to get a grip on your Office 365 licenses

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Managing licenses in Office 365 is not a simple ‘set-and-forget’ task. It’s very important to maintain control of your Office 365 licenses – to know…

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Sharing your screen in a meeting with Microsoft Teams

11 Comments3 Minutes

Being able to share your screen with your team during online meetings is a must. When hosting a meeting in Microsoft Teams, it’s possible to share…

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Adding attachments in Microsoft Forms

14 Comments4 Minutes

A new feature has been added to Microsoft Forms. You can now add a file attachment control in your template, so users are able to attach their own…

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