How to test and modify your formulas on the fly using a scanEZ shortcut

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As an IBM Notes Domino developer, I have to spend a great deal of time writing, evaluating and correcting formulas for my Notes applications. Whether…

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Webcast on agentEZ and signEZ Best Practices – October 30th: “Effectively manage your agents, design element signatures and signer IDs”

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Unfortunately, the webcast on October 30th, 2013 on signEZ and agentEZ Best Practices in discovering, analyzing and resolving issues with your agents…

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How much space do your applications really take on your IBM Domino server? Get the big picture with databaseEZ

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Administering an IBM Domino server involves keeping an eye on a lot of important tasks and aspects. One of these is the need to make certain that…

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How to move mountains within your folder structure using scanEZ

3 Comments7 Minutes

Moving or editing hundreds of subfolders may seem like a herculean task if you’re tackling it one subfolder at a time. Luckily, for those of us who…

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How to perform Batch Signing and other signEZ recipes that bring order to signature chaos

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Following up on our previous article that focused on cleaning up your environment using the NAB Presence Checker, the newly implemented feature in…

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How to work effectively with your ACLs and ACL groups – Free Webcast on aclEZ best practices on June 12, 2013

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Unfortunately, the webcast on June 12th, 2013 on aclEZ best practices in discovering, analyzing and resolving issues with your ACLs and ACL groups is…

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Painless spring cleaning of your ACLs, NAB groups, orphan mail files, agent signatures & more!

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There are several topics that frequently come up during conversations with our customers because of various combinations of end-user and…

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Close inspection of the IBM Notes document locking architecture with scanEZ

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We’ve recently received several questions from our software users in regards to the native notes document locking feature. Our customers have…

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New Ytria Major Release | EZ Suite 11

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We are excited to announce that, in large part thanks to the valuable feedback from our customers, EZ Suite has just arrived to its next stage of…

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aclEZ-tool-for-HCL Notes-Domino

How to obtain a swift and precise overview of all your ACL roles with aclEZ

1 Comment8 Minutes

During conversations with users about our server-wide ACL management solution, aclEZ, we learned that most really appreciate that the Ytria tool…

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How to quickly restore large numbers of deleted Notes documents using scanEZ

9 Comments6 Minutes

A customer recently contacted us asking for help on an issue where one of her end-users deleted a large number of emails a few weeks earlier. An…

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Introducing replicationEZ: a quick feature tour of Ytria’s multi-server replication management tool

2 Comments12 Minutes

Ytria replicationEZ, which was released back in August, represents a significant step in the evolution of the EZ Suite toolkit for Notes/Domino…

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Ytria Workshops for Notes/Domino Admins & Devs in Germany

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This November, Ytria will be holding workshops in German for administrators and developers in Frankfurt and Ehningen, Germany. Regardless of your…

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A quick way to find (and rid yourself of) duplicate Lotus Notes documents using scanEZ

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A good number of the support questions we receive could be boiled down and paraphrased as: “Can Ytria software help me find and delete duplicates in…

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Guest contributor Kim Greene explains how scanEZ helped fastrack the resolution of a calendar and scheduling (c&s) issue.

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We’re excited to present this guest post by Kim Greene, President of Kim Greene Consulting, Inc. Kim is an expert on Domino administration and a…

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