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With ScanEZ I have it ALL in one place: easily search for any item in the database, easily inspect the data and in case it is necessary, easily apply some changes to the data.
—Ingo Hefti, Kuehne + Nagel Mgmt AG
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1. How can I use a formula to easily find document(s)? (Learn more...)

Use a formula (even complex one) in the scanEZ explorer to easily pinpoint one or several documents. List your documents by something other than its Form name...

2. How to easily compare Lotus Notes documents (Learn more...)

Compare a selection of documents (2 or more documents) in a database and edit their field values directly. Even compare the contents of big field lists.

3. How can I restore deleted documents (deleting deletion stubs)? (Learn more...)

Restore deleted documents by deleting their deletion stubs before a replication. Easily find all deletions stubs in a database and delete all or just one of them...

4. How can I see private views, private folders, and private agents? For other users?  (Learn more...)

Easily see private views, private folders, and private agents, by not using the "Design Collection Note" option.

5. How to create custom Selection Tree titles for documents based on their content—for a sort of ‘view-on-the-fly’ (Learn more...)

Re-organize design elements, documents, profiles and/or deletion stubs by a chosen title (or key) defined by you (i.e. formula, specific field value, column value in a view—a view index "on-the-fly")

6. How can I see all documents in a Lotus Notes database? (Learn more...)

See all documents contained in your database (no filter, no view, all of them), organized by Form name

7. How can I find invalid (false or non-existent) documents? (Learn more...)

Look inside any database and easily find any documents that may be giving you problems...

8. How to see the real value of a document(s) (Learn more...)

View the real value of a document, with no limit on the size of content (much easier to view and sort data compared to the document item list dialog box in Notes)

9. How to see profile documents in a Notes database? (Learn more...)

See all profile documents (global and personal) in your Notes database

10. How to see all design elements? (Learn more...)

See all design elements (whatever their type: forms, views agents, etc.) in your database

11. How to see and solve save/replication conflict documents? (Learn more...)

See all save/replication conflicts in any Lotus Notes database and solve them easily with a few mouse clicks

12. How to change the UNID of a document ? (Learn more...)

Change the UNID of a document with a mouse click

13. How to delete views that crash your Notes Client (Learn more...)

Delete views that crash your Notes Client, Designer and even Domino Server when you try to open them

14. How to access to a local database with a restrictive ACL (Learn more...)

Re-gain access to a local database, even the one with a heavily restricted ACL

15. How to regain access to documents with reader fields (Learn more...)

Regain access to documents with reader fields that no one can see anymore (local database)

16. How to correct (update) the type and value of any field (Learn more...)

Correct the type and value of any field in any document (changing text to number or text to author)

17. How to see the full security of your Notes documents (Learn more...)

See the full security of your documents, reader and author settings, sort by name of user/roles

18. How to find orphan response documents in a Lotus Notes database (Learn more...)

Find orphan responses (who lost their parents) and re-link them to new parent documents

19. How to see and easily change your current notes.ini (Learn more...)

See and easily change (live in real-time) your current notes.ini configuration without closing Notes!

20. How to see your entire ACL access and role settings (Learn more...)

See in one place the entire ACL access and role settings of a database. Eliminates the need to click on each and every entry to analyze and understand who can (or cannot ) do what...

21. How to find documents using successive formulas (Learn more...)

Search for documents using successive formulas. To obtain the same result, it would require coding a complex - even impossible - view formula.

22. How to quickly re-organize (and make sense of) Lotus Notes data (Learn more...)

Access and organize the information you are interested in for any Lotus Notes and Domino database.

23. How to find the last edited document(s) in your database (Learn more...)

Find the last edited document(s) in your database using the Replication Auditor

24. How to figure out the origin of a document modification (Learn more...)

Use the Replication Auditor to help you understand where the origin of a document modification has occured

25. How to change the winner/loser before a replication (Learn more...)

Scan your database before launching a replication and change the winner/loser BEFORE the replication take place (even avoid potential conflicts)

26. How to cut the replication link (replica id) between databases (Learn more...)

Cut the replication link (change replica id) between any two replica databases with a click.

27. How to set a private agent to a public agent (shared and unshared agents) (Learn more...)

Set a private agent to a public agent (shared and unshared agents)

28. How to modify or update many documents at once? (Learn more...)

See the field values of many documents and edit them all at once. This allows you to update many documents at the same time.

29. How to create a new field in documents with a formula  (Learn more...)

Create a new field in any set of documents with any kind of formula

30. How to see the content of a Rich Text field, and delete "corrupted" elements (Learn more...)

See the content of a Rich Text field at its element level, and delete "corrupted" elements that prevent you from opening the document in your Notes client

31. How to execute a formula on a variety of documents (Learn more...)

Select and execute a complex formula on various types of documents, and change the value of several fields

32. How to see the $Flags value of many design elements (Learn more...)

See the $Flags setting of several design elements in detail

33. How to create views that list design elements by changing the $formulaclass item (Learn more...)

Create views that list design elements by changing the field $formulaclass

34. How to fix mail settings in personal or global profile documents (Learn more...)

Easily fix mail settings in any personal or global profile document(s) that at times seem impossible to change

35. How to check a formula on a document (Learn more...)

Check a formula on a document, to see the value it would return

36. How to copy a set of documents, design elements or profile documents to any database  (Learn more...)

Copy a set of documents, design elements or profile documents to any other database

37. How to copy an ACL configuration to any other database (Learn more...)

Copy an ACL configuration to any other database

38. How to unhide the design of a Notes database (Learn more...)

Regain the ability to open a database in the Domino Designer (by setting the hide or unhide design flag)

39. How to get the structure of a document by exporting to a spreadsheet (Learn more...)

Get the structure of a document by exporting it in a format that can be opened in worksheet program (Microsoft Excel, Lotus 123 etc…)

40. How to select documents and export a set of fields to any text format  (Learn more...)

Select any document(s) and export a set of fields to any text format

41. How to quickly find a field by its name, type or value (Learn more...)

Easily find a field by its name, type or value (in any document)

42. How to find a document, deletion stub or a corrupted document by its NoteID or UNID  (Learn more...)

Find a document or its deletion stub by its NoteID or UNID. Also find corrupted documents in a Lotus Notes and Domino database

43. How to see the hexadecimal content of any note (Learn more...)

See the content of any note in hexadecimal code (useful for the C API developer)

44. How to open a selection of documents from the Notes client directly in scanEZ (Learn more...)

Select several documents in the Notes client and open them directly in scanEZ

45. How to see all document responses & response/parent hierarchy  (Learn more...)

See in one shot all the document responses, and navigate through the responses/parent hierarchy

46. How to see and delete private views in a database (Learn more...)

See in one shot all private views in a database and be able to delete them with a few mouse clicks

47. How to sort and see what has been recently changed after a replication (Learn more...)

See what design elements and documents have been recently changed following a replication

48. How to delete a view (or any document) without creating a deletion stub (Learn more...)

How to delete a view (or anything else) without creating a deletion stub

49. How can I easily switch between IDs in scanEZ? (Learn more...)

See how you can routinely switch between a number of ID files while using scanEZ

50. How can I easily see what has recently changed in a database? (Learn more...)

Easily see exactly what has just changed in your database in the last 10 minutes, 1 or 2 hours etc. (see what has changed in your database following design refresh or a replication)

51. How can I avoid entering my password each time I run a Ytria software tool? (Learn more...)

Avoid entering your password each time you run Ytria software tools.

52. How can I explode text to a text list (many documents)? (Learn more...)

Explode text item to a text list item for many documents

53. How can I see "ghost" documents? Documents that seem to re-appear after a replication? (Learn more...)

When deletion stubs are purged documents may seem to re-appear after a replication. The only way to see them is by using scanEZ's Post Replication Auditor.

54. How to quickly select the documents I want in a Lotus Notes database (using regular expressions or duplicate titles) (Learn more...)

Quickly select documents with "Select using Regular expressions" or "Select All with Identical Displayed Title..."
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